1. We create foundational pieces that enrich a childhood and provide fun and quality experiences that last a lifetime.
  2. Our work not only benefits family and friends, but neighbors and others within the local community too. Connections are built for your family.
  3. Sports teach us many lessons used in both personal and professional  life. Leadership, teamwork and self-discipline to name just a few.
  4. Giving something to your kids that provides so much fun, enjoyment and family interaction is a true gift of love your children will never outgrow and will last forever.
  5. Experience and enjoy the positive health and wellness benefits of playing sports.
  6. Children’s self-confidence improve by practicing and improving in their sport of choice while getting extra time to work on their skills.
  7. Additional time spent with family is a perfect bonding experience that most children don’t receive through their daily activities.
  8. Having your own unique home sporting experience can help children build a passion for sports and a true sense of identity that comes with it.
  9. Children gain additional knowledge and expertise of sports that help them bond with others over the course of their lifetime. Sports are known to bring people together regardless of the sport or where a person lives.
  10. By having your own safe personal space to play, the added practice and training could lead  your child to new heights. Making a middle or high school team, earning a college scholarship, advancing in a  professional career or becoming an Olympic medal winner.

My Backyard Sports helps you and your child(ren) achieve your goals!