Why My Backyard Sports?

My Backyard Sports relies heavily on its commitment to excellent customer service and support.  My Backyard Sports acts as a complimentary extension to our clients working closely with our unique 'high touch’ methodology to best understand their sports and design goals while balancing cost and budget.  We seamlessly partner with our clients to help them leverage our sports landscaping and architecture expertise to deliver quality, cost effective products from the smallest to the largest spaces.

My Backyard Sports is recognized for helping our clients design unique sports facilities custom to their space and budget.  This enhances the spectrum of products and services we are able to deliver.  Each backyard is a clean palate waiting to be designed and this is what sets us apart from the general contractor and local handyman.  We only do sports design - all day every day and this provides us with a solid platform of depth and experience.  

We are committed to being an integral part of our clients sports design success and always strive to achieve this.  This excellence in execution has earned My Backyard Sports the reward of close and friendly relationships where we become a ‘true’ family friend and a member of the community.

At MBS, our Sports Staff walks each client through the process, step by step.

My Backyard Sports Deliverables

We are often asked how great it must feel to deliver unique very "cool" sports projects and facilities.  While it is very cool and provides a great sense of accomplishment and connection to the community, we firmly believe we are really delivering the following:

  • The lessons of sports including, leadership, friendship, sharing, self-improvement, persistence and competition.
  • The gift of healthy outdoor habits especially in this day of electronic screens and apps.
  • Safe centers for children to grow up and bond.